Friday, August 22, 2014

OISO Bangsar South

22.08.2014..Hari ni hari berkabung for Malaysian...:( al-fatihah tuk mangsa MH17 and takziah buat ahli keluarga..

and during lunch time arini our accounts department out for farewell lunch Cheryl Choo...been working with her more than 5 the time so say good bye..good luck for your new work, new environment and new colleagues Cheryl...

we decide to choose Korean here we goooo....OISO Bangsar South....

Cheryl with her food...Kimchi Ramen RM9.90
Ini pulak Nadia(kiri) dan Heni(kanan)
N kat bawah ni pulak makanan dorang...

 Kimchi Fried Rice RM12.90
Jeju Island bla bla bla...hahahha..tak ingat apa nama minuman dorang ni.. RM4.90
Most of us order Organic Brown Rice Tea RM0.90

Bulgogi comes with all the side dishes and rice.. RM18.90
 Seafood Ramen RM11.90
Kimchi Ramen RM9.90

This is mine.. Bi bim bap..n yeahh I loike it so much..n am fullllll... RM14.90

Chicken steam bla bla bla...hahhaha..can't remember the name again..sorry..hahahhaa RM16.90
this is Jap Chae if I not sorry cant remember all the name actually.. RM11.90
Kimchi pancake RM9.90
Most of the food comes with the side dishes actually...for me I like all the food. I taste all actually...hahhahahha. Will come again for sure...;))

This is Accounts Department :))

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