Saturday, November 28, 2009

From the past...

I'd copy this poem from my chayunk MS blog...he's wrote this poem last year (10/09/08) and on that time we are friends..just frens....close fren i think...but siyes we just fren..n on the day i read the poem i know for whom the poem for and about who he talks about..i think la..sorry if i mistake judge it..only him know exactly about it...hhehehe..

Wednesday, September 10, 2008
This is a poem

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Category: Romance and Relationships

I once wondered, what's so special in you,
Looking at everyone who adores you,
It just never makes me feel, wanting to know you, even a bit..People spend countless hours, just worshipping you,
As if you have the greatest power on earth, that you can make people wait for you,
It just never makes me feel, wanting to wait for you, even a bit..
Money was spend, by the ones who awaits,
By them, a bit of fortune is nothing, compared to the feelings you can give.
Even in places, harsh enough just to suffer a man, men still come from everywhere, just to meet you, wherever you are,
In the deepest sea, the highest mountain, the punishing jungle..
You will smile and waits for whoever tough enough for you..And then..
I felt your touch for the first time, sends shivers to my heart, makes me wanting to know you, wanting to wait for you.
Nothing can compare to your touch, tenderness and sweetness, and whoever touched by you, can brag around in proud, because you are not easy, and it takes a special someone to make one being noticed by you,
And everyday in my life, I will try to be that guy, who walks with you, with proud,
Because you are so special, nothing in this world would make me give up, trying to get you, trying to be yours, and trying to make you mine...

(last paragraph)
Oh Ikan Patin, apasal la susah sangat nak tangkap ngko ni...dedak dah macam-macam... adusss...kepada sesiapa ada ramuan dedak hebat, boleh lah hantar kat saya...asyik tgk orang lain bawak naik patin 10 kilo, mental jugak kepala otak gua..
aku sj jerk..actually aku bosan kat opis nih..n google sana google cni..smua name aku nk google(name org yg ptg tuk aku jerk la tp) bile google name afiez azam then kuar la link tuk ke poem nih..aku pun dh hampir lupe..bile terjumpe br ingat n recall blk kejadian time nih..hehehe..kelakar pun ada gak...jeles pun ada gak..muahahhaa..sengal aku nih....n there are some comments for this poem form his fren list include i just copy mine one n his....huhu..tgk la..dulu aku komen kat die aku kau jerk..ekekekeke

Hafeez Asad Azam
wei baca sampai abis! Takde makne nye angau haha
Posted by
Afiez on Wednesday, September 10, 2008 - 7:42 PM [Reply to this]

nora Joey
wlupun tu tuk ikan patin..argh aku tak kisah..aku tetap nak anggap ko angau ngan org lain...tuk seseorg konon..argh sudah....hahahahhaaa..ikan patin...ikan patin...
Posted by
Nora on Saturday, September 13, 2008 - 2:40 AM [Reply to this]

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